JT&C The Knowledge Group delivers excellence. We deliver services that develop world class leadership capabilities and high performing organisations.

Through executive coaching and focused business & leadership development initiatives we work with boards, top teams and managers to effect change. The change we deliver is not short-lived, but focuses upon the long term sustainability of their businesses, people and the communities they work within.

Our expertise is in Leadership, Organisation & People Development, Executive Coaching, Human Resources, Business Solutions and Equality & Diversity.

We can help your organisation improve its performance by making the most effective use of its people and resources.

We listen to our clients and work closely with them to help them achieve business success by optimising the talents, potential and diversity of their people. Our outstanding consultants have global, wide-ranging, current knowledge and experience of both corporate business and the public sector. We’ll conduct in-depth preliminary research in order to deliver a range of creative, high impact interventions that are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

What We Do


Our expertise is in Executive Coaching, Leadership, Organisation & People Development, Human Resources, Business Solutions and Equality & Diversity.

We can help your organisation improve its performance by making the most effective use of its people and resources.

We release the dynamism and creativity in individuals and teams which promote effective ways of working and builds productive team cultures. Positive working relationships are a must for high performing organisations and we will help you to understand what you need to do in order to move from good to great; finding valuable business solutions together.

Through executive coaching, targeted business interventions and focussed leadership development initiatives; we work with people to effect change which enhances performance and promote the long term sustainability of their businesses, people, and communities.


Leadership Development

JT&C The Knowledge Group - Developing World Class Leadership and High Performing Organisations.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

We understand the issues faced by organisational leaders within today’s global business environment. Our interventions equip leaders with the necessary attributes and skills to deliver excellence: high performance improvements for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

High performing organisations require talented leaders who have the right leadership capabilities and the know-how to make those capabilities work in order to deliver results. Investing in leadership development is therefore a must for success in today’s competitive business environment.

Institute of Leadership and management

Through our offerings of tailored and imaginative leadership development programmes and executive coaching, JT&C the Knowledge Group help to grow world class leaders who can perform to their potential; effectively developing their people and their businesses.

We have particular expertise in working with women and leaders from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Our research and work in the area of the equality has equipped us with specific knowledge to overcome particular obstacles to growth.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a proven development activity which brings the necessary challenge and leadership growth for identified goals to be achieved. Our coaching will open up new options for progress, and assist you to make effective decisions which are unencumbered by limiting beliefs or less fruitful long established patterns of thinking and behaviours.

Through a considered process of matching clients to coaches; you will experience a dynamic relationship with your coach in which you are enabled to think, reflect and locate your creative leadership potential. As Leaders you will be stretched through the coaching process to improve what you do and how you do it.

All of our coaches are adept at working at senior organisational levels. Through our curiosity and carefully crafted coaching skills, we work to build leadership resilience and creative adaptability in our clients. We do this through growing self-awareness and increasing personal insight about relationships, systems and organisational issues which impact upon your day-to-day organisational encounters and decision-making.

JT&C the Knowledge Group have a long and fruitful track record of working with female executives and executives from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Our wisdom and experience in the area has equipped us in releasing their full leadership potential. We bring a wealth of experience to our coaching endeavours to great effect.

Our Executive Coaches

All of our corporate coaches have worked in senior roles within organisations or have extensive experience of developing leaders at senior levels.  They are fully credentialed and receive regular high quality supervision which is essential for ensuring that our clients get the best possible service and exceed their expectations.

JT&C The Knowledge Group work to the uppermost ethical standards of the international Coach Federation (ICF).

Business Solutions & High Growth Business Potential

All things are created twice: first in our minds, and then in reality.
– S. Covey

We offer specific support to businesses that have high growth potential. Our exceptional High Growth Coaches have a wealth of experience across all industry sectors to bring about measurable and sustainable business improvements which exceed client expectations.

As an entrepreneur you have already embarked upon your business journey. Whether you are wondering what the next phase of business growth looks like or you want to find some particular solutions for your business. JT&C The Knowledge Group can help you to develop strategic capability, increase sales, implement your plans and to discover your creative potential for productivity. We can help your business to grow.

Entrepreneurs dream; creatively construct and imaginatively deliver – T Jolliff

We bring our wealth of expertise and knowledge in Executive Coaching, Leadership, Organisation & People Development, Human Resources, Business solutions and Equality & Diversity to benefit your business.

We listen to you to locate where you are in growing their business and where you would like to be.  Once we have understood what your business requirements are, we will then work with you to deliver the inputs that are right for your needs and that will take your business forwards towards success.

Growth Accelerator

JT&C The Knowledge Group - part of the Growth Accelerator initiative working for rapid business growth.


Our Approach

We know that how businesses develop their people is central to how they subsequently work together and perform.

The principles which underpin our work

We therefore work to create leaders who inspire and innovate - Our mission is to motivate and transform organisations and to develop creative, strong and ethical leaders who benefit their people, their organisation and communities.

The principles which underpin our work;

  • Delivering excellence
  • Honing talent
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Adding value

Putting our values into practice

Our philosophy – our business is not just about profits, we ‘practice what we preach’ and promote corporate social responsibility; making a positive contribution towards building healthy and sustainable communities.

As a business we take our corporate responsibility seriously and support projects which are aligned with our values and which seek to improve the lives of poor and marginalised people globally. This includes activities which promote social mobility and work to improve life chances for vulnerable adults and children.

We have recently supported projects with World Vision, Water Aid, Bristol Legacy Commission and Besom to name but a few. We have also enhanced the prospects of talented young people through the Bristol Leadership Programme.

We believe that a holistic approach to our work will enhance all-round organisational performance as well as personal well-being. As a global community we are all interconnected, therefore our actions and approach to what we do matters.

Our underlying philosophy of humanitarian concern both inspires and enables people to promote their personal well-being and that of their organisations, and communities. In promoting the well-being of others we enhance our collective human potential to create a better environment for future generations to enjoy.

Who We Are

JT&C The Knowledge Group are a team of exceptional consultants who deliver our high calibre brand. Our diverse team boasts a wealth of international business experience and specific UK private and public sector specialist knowledge.


  • Tracie Joliff
  • Sarah Ackroyd
  • Sys Aitkenhead
  • Lesley Cave
  • Farida Dean
  • Fiona Elder
  • Shelly Hossain
  • Alison Kane
  • Snéha Khilay
  • Steve Onyett
  • Louise Overy
  • George Smalling
  • Carol Wilkinson
  • Anita Gulati


Tracie Jolliff

CQSW, MSc, ACC, Managing Director & Executive coach

Tracie Joliff

Tracie is one of the co-founders of JT&C The Knowledge Group, a dynamic consultancy which is informed by progressive knowledge and research.

Her interests in business, effective leadership, equality and systemic transformation have led to her involvement in many organisational initiatives to promote quality outcomes. She believes that excellence can be achieved by advancing innovation in the workplace with a focus upon ethics and sustainability. Through this approach organisations will promote the well-being of individuals, their organisations and their communities.

Tracie has worked with a range of international clients from strategic leaders to front line staff. She has honed effective strategies that have brought about real and substantive changes in organisational performance and outcomes, and has played a pivotal role in developing and promoting excellence in professional practice as well as ethical leadership and equality in the workplace.

Tracie leads a team of consultants with broad-ranging global experience and expertise. She also lectures and is an experienced and respected public speaker. Tracie is an Associate Consultant for the University of the West of England where she has been involved in developing leadership initiatives, academic research and writing about equality and organisational transformation.

It's simple, Tracie is an outstanding coach and a talented leadership consultant. Her passion and drive is infectious. It is impossible not to thrive when you are on the receiving end of her many talents’.
- Lesley at Rooktree Business Solutions

Alison Kane


Alison Kane

Alison is passionate about working with leaders, managers and teams to help businesses and organisations envision and create the future they want. She is an experienced, professional executive and leadership coach; qualifications include Executive Coaching; Team Coaching; Business Performance Coaching; Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner. She is also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialled coach .

She is an advocate of the power of reflective practice for organisations, their teams and individual employees, to learn from experience, understand underlying issues and root causes and therefore embed learning to achieve and sustain improved performance.

In addition to strong people skills she also has professional qualifications and experience in business management systems; Business Excellence and organisational/ business process improvement tools such as Lean tools and techniques. This combination of skills allows her to take a holistic view of an organisation and work from multiple perspectives dealing with complex situations involving systems, processes and people.

Carol Wilkinson

MA, Chartered MCIPD, ACIArb

Carol Wilkinson

Carol is a highly regarded trainer, coach and dispute resolution practitioner with over 25 years’ experience of conflict management and dispute resolution. She is a member of the ACAS panel of arbitrators and mediators and of Employment Tribunals and has a wealth of experience across the private, public and voluntary sectors, including:

  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Mediation, independent conflict analysis and assessment, investigations
  • Chairing final stage appeal hearings (grievance and disciplinary)
  • Design and delivery of training on bullying/harassment, dispute resolution skills, equality & diversity, handling discipline & grievances, managing difficult situations, stress management

What clients have said:-
Carol is friendly, knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator
I cannot praise Carol highly enough. The coaching has effected a real change in the way I perceive myself and in my working relationships with others
Carol helped to bring closure to a difficult situation. She handled the investigation confidently, sensitively and professionally.

Farida Dean

Farida Dean

Farida's key strength is enabling clients to improve their leadership capability and people management skills through the design and delivery of bespoke evidence based leadership programmes. The programmes allow delegates to practice their skills in as real a setting as possible. She has worked with senior teams assisting them to identify their strengths and areas of potential weakness using a diagnostic process including 360 feedback and psychometric tools. Her client base includes Skills for Justice (Wales), University College London, Ashridge Management College and several major public sector clients including the Metropolitan Police Service(MPS). Farida is a diversity friend to the National Police Improvement Agency Equality, Diversity and Human Rights programme due to her track record in the area of inclusion. She was a founder member of the MPS Positive Action Team.

Farida is an experienced coach and coach supervisor. She is experienced in the use of psychometric tools including MBTI, Insights Discovery and DISC.

Fiona Elder

Fiona Elder

Fiona is an experienced ICF credentialed coach working with leaders and technical experts who need to increase their influence and impact in the organisation. She works with individuals and teams to deliver organisational results through the building of challenging, yet supportive business and personal relationships. Fiona naturally values individuality and personal strengths and enables leaders and technical experts to feel comfortable working with every aspect of their role. She uses her 25 years experience of working with UK and global organisations to help leaders explore and understand their challenges, ensuring they identify the range of choices that exist. As a result leaders grow in competence and confidence in taking decisions and implementing actions which will drive sustainable business results

George Smalling


George Smalling

Prior to setting up his own consultancy George worked in the public sector. He is transformational in his approach as a facilitator of learning and is skilled in blending individual and group learning interventions for use at various levels of an organisation. He has undertaken consultancy and training assignments in all sectors on activities such as:

  • Leadership & Change Management
  • Strategic & Operational Human Resource Management & Development
  • Equality, Positive Action & Diversity
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Assessment & Development Centres
  • Personal & Career Development

He is professionally qualified in Personnel Management, Training Management and holds and MA in Human Resource Management. He is also qualified to administer, interpret and feedback Occupational Tests.

He is a corporate member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development, the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a registered practitioner with the British Psychological Society.

Lesley Cave


Lesley Cave

Lesley is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation, specialising in executive coaching, leadership development coaching, career transition coaching and business growth coaching. Lesley’s coaching encompasses transactional analysis and NLP. Her coaching is competency and ethically based. Lesley promotes highly productive and pragmatic coaching with a subsequent drive for action. She attributes her success to her tenacity, her corporate and non executive experience and her ability to win the hearts and minds of everybody she works with, by adopting the belief that every individual is resourceful and capable. This belief allows Lesley to coach, mentor and facilitate the delivery of high class results and allows individuals to hold themselves accountable for their own improvement and performance. Lesley has a global client base, although mainly UK based, drawn from senior executives across the Private, Public and Third Sectors. Lesley is herself professionally coached, coach supervised and coach mentored to ensure the highest levels of professional accountability.

Louise Overy


Louise Overy

Louise is a coach, trainer and facilitator with a background in both private and public sectors, and an especial interest and expertise in leadership development and diversity. She focuses on aligning personal development with business drivers to achieve greater performance and engagement, benefitting both individual and organisation.

She has extensive experience working with individuals and teams to improve performance, relationships and communication. She is a qualified practitioner of MBTI, OPQ, and Extended DISC.
Her coaching clients commend her ability to provide a safe, supportive space for exploration and path-finding. Accredited by the ICF, she is also an ILM accredited Action Learning Set facilitator.

Louise receives consistently high ratings in her learning programmes and workshops. She is a regular facilitator for NHS Leadership Development Centres. She co-designed and delivered a highly successful mentoring programme for NHS Black and Minority Ethnic staff, also acting as mentor. She co-authored a case study appearing in Developing Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes (ed. David Clutterbuck).

Sarah Ackroyd

Sarah Ackroyd

A fully accredited coach and published author on business mentoring, Sarah has worked as an executive coach and management consultant for over 15 years. Sarah is a founder director The Centre for Mentoring & Coaching Ltd (www.mentoringcentre.co.uk). Her experience spans the corporate, public and the voluntary sectors and she has designed and delivered bespoke leadership development programmes for high profile clients including the NSPCC, Peabody, Barclays Global Investors, JPMorgan Chase Manhattan, National Police Service and UBS.

Sarah is a qualified supervisor coach and acts as a supervisor on the Bath Consultancy Group Supervision Programme for coaches, mentors and consultants. The Centre for Mentoring and Coaching Ltd are business partners with the University of the West of England where Sarah co-tutors a Masters Module on coaching entitled ‘Developing Mentors and Coaches: an inquiry into practice’. Sarah has also designed and delivered many in-house coaching programmes and provides supervision to independent and organisational coaches both individually and in groups.

Shelly Hossain

BA, PGdip, MBA

Shelly Hossain

Shelly is an Organisational Development consultant. She specialises in Leadership Development, Change Management and Personal Effectiveness. She originally trained as a town planner. Shelly has operated at senior levels and worked internationally for corporate global organisations since 1997. Her work has involved designing and delivering local, national and international leadership programmes for private, public and charity sectors.

Shelly is an Associate with leading development specialists who operate across the globe: The Knowledge Group, Berkshire Consultancy, Roffey Park Management Institute, Real World Group; and the MiL Institute in Sweden. Her work includes running Masters level programmes, coaching senior leaders and providing consultancy interventions.

Shelly works with the Strategic /Top Teams in organisations focusing on individual, team and organisation wide development, supporting and guiding top teams on change projects and working with organisations on broader issues such as Creating a World Class organisation and International Leadership. She brings a strong academic grounding and experienced base to her work. All her work has a strong thread of Diversity and Inclusion. This recognises the global market place that organisations operate in today. She is experienced with working with international teams, having delivered from Mexico City to Seoul.

Steve Onyett

Steve Onyett

Steve has a background in clinical psychology and has held a number of high profile managerial, research and strategic roles in health and social care. He is a highly respected facilitator and consultant, and currently holds Associate/Visiting Professor roles at three universities. He has a strong profile in supporting the development of leadership capacity and effective teams, and is known for his national research on teamwork, two successful books, wide ranging publication, successful local development work, innovative programme design and experience as a qualified coach in a variety of settings. Having trained with international experts in Appreciative Inquiry and Solution Focused approaches to development, he now specialises in effective, strengths-based approaches to development that effectively align head, heart and hand in pursuit of a better future through integration at personal, team and systems levels.

Sys Aitkenhead

Sys Aitkenhead

Sys is a passionate, intuitive and insightful coach with extensive global business experience and a track record in changing business culture. Sys has a 17-year career in the high-tech industry based in Paris & London.

Sys’ ability to change hearts and minds, to motivate individuals and teams to higher levels of performance resulted in year on year revenue growth providing annually in excess of $100 million profit margins. Her team also successfully managed customer deliverables on projects totalling in excess of $1 billion.

Combining her desire for developing people with an extensive business background Sys is a coach and mentor of talent. Sys has coached people to significantly increase their personal impact as leaders as well as coached managers to take on new roles and new teams successfully. Furthermore Sys’ coaching has helped managers drive organizational change as well as become more influential and develop networking skills on a global stage.

Snéha Khilay

Snéha Khilay

Snéha Khilay is a (cultural) diversity and leadership consultant/ trainer working in the UK and internationally. She has advised, through training, consultancy and coaching, Board Members, CEO, Senior Managers on how to incorporate equality and cultural diversity into policies and practices and work towards eradicating bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Snéha also conducts independent impartial investigations and mediations into allegations of bullying and harassment and has worked on some high profile cases.

Her clients include; Local Authorities, NHS, Universities, Housing Associations, Manufacturing, Engineering, Banking sectors, Law Firms, a leading Football Club, Civil Aviation and Major Charities

Sneha has had articles published on diversity and leadership in various related magazines and is a regular contributor to the London School of Economics Diversity website.She is Committee member and Treasurer of CIPD Hertfordshire, a Board Director of Watford Palace Theatre and a Board Member of University of Hertfordshire Business School.

Snéha is currently writing a book titled 'Diversity Dilemmas in the Workplace'.

Anita Gulati

Snéha Khilay

Anita is an organizational psychologist, helping to foster thriving high performing cultures with a focus on resilience, creativity and leadership. Anita has a track record of high level coaching, action learning and design and delivery of leadership development programmes based on the latest research of what works and why. Also based at the Bristol Business School on a part time basis, Anita supports the development of client based work drawing on the best of academic knowledge and practice.

Anita is a passionate humanist and experienced transformational change leader, helping to grow a social enterprise during Mandela’s government to address the challenging negative social and business deficit created by apartheid. Anita has since gone on to establish Social Care TV, a web based education resource for the care sector, launched by the Minister for Health and now housed by the Social Care Institute for Excellence, and ‘Leftbank’ – an arts bar in Banksy’s original home turf in Bristol.

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